Keeping Fit With Tai Chi And Kung Fu

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art, which is part of the internal martial art (Neija Quan). It is a style of fighting which presupposes taking the opponent’s energy and releasing your own energy through your body, called Fa Jing or explosion of energy. This thing can be achieved only by reaching a state of mind of complete relaxation and connecting each bone of your body to the whole. This is the main difference between the external martial arts, like Karate or Kung Fu, where the fighters focus on physical force.

By practicing this type of “internal fighting” you might have the ability to face a fighter who is apparently much stronger than you are, provided that, he is not also applying the same type of techniques as you are. Another major advantage is that, during the practicing, instead of getting tired, you actually acquire a lot more energy and you feel better and better.

The energy entering your body strengthens you and all your energetic meridians, like your bones, organs, and immune system. The traditional style, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, is much better for your health than the modern, “contest-like” style. There are very many other internal martial arts, such as Hsing Yi Ch’uan, Pa Kua, Yi Ch’uan and others. T’ai Chi Ch’uan can be translated as the “supreme ultimate fist”. It is based on a great harmony between you and the entire universe.

One of the nicknames of tai chi is the Queen of Chinese martial arts, being one of the most efficient fight systems ever created by men. Nevertheless, many people practice it only for the benefits that it brings to their health system. The authentic traditional style is the one called Tai Chi Chi Kung which is part of the Tao Healing Universal system.

One of the most important things that you must keep in mind is that you need to correctly practice the moves. If we adopt an incorrect position, we may lose the energy and the blows might not be as powerful as they should. The body position which is not a martial one, like a ballet pose, makes the energy slip between our fingers and, hence, the exercise is useless.